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So Can two Public League teams make it to State? Well, yes and they could win it. But what if I told you that three Public League teams have a chance you'll think I'm nuts then want you? Let's take a look in the mind of the Real Brain

So let's take a look in that magic ball and let's see what we just might see at state.  This is of course based off of the play of teams thus far.

Quaterfinals 1. Belleville West vs. Brother Rice

I know what you are saying. How?  Well Belleville is a lock with E. St. Louis being it's only threat.  But at Illinois-Chicago, you got Brother Rice, Simeon, and Hyde Park.  Simeon will knock off Hyde Park because they are more atheletic and deeper. A better shooting Brother Rice team will gun its way into the finals.  Celebration for Pat Richardson.

Quaterfinals 2.  Farragut vs. Peoria Central

United Center Supersectional 1 is loaded with Von Stueban, Evanston, Westinghouse, and Farragut.  But, Westinghouse seems the most battle tested and ready to move foward.  They have been here before.  Von Stueban hasn't being playing great and just might be the most inconsistent team in the state. Look for them to lose to either Niles West or Evanston.  The House beats Farrugut on the strenth of Ellis and Thomas.  I really don't see Westinghouse beating Farragut 3 times in the same year.  Then there is Peoria Central.  Many are questioning PC after their lost to the 'The Wall,' See 'Teams on the spot page' if you don't know what team that is.  I have to stay with PC here seeing that they one real obstacle is themselves, and there's a little Peoria Richwood down the block that wants to play with them. 

Quaterfinal 3. Moline vs. H-F

Thornwood will upset some teams but won't make it back down to Peoria.  Hillcrest isn't battle tested and could lose to a deeper Rich Central team.  Thortan is the scariest team in this sectional and could surprise a lot of teams.  I see Julian taking out Thortan and the Vikings taking out Rich Central thus setting up Jaguars vs Vikings 2.  A rematch from the Proviso West Championship game.  By the way I also called that one.

Quarterfinal 4. West Aurora vs. Schaumburg.

This could be upset city as it always is.  No team is safe in this sectional, not even mighty West Aurora. Northern Illiois looks to be where West Aurora finally makes it back down to Carver Arena though.   There seems to be a four team race to see who will be facing Zion-Benton in the Buffalo Grove Sectional.  Zion-Benton is undefeated and coasting on a more then weak schedule.  Look for Schaumburg with Craig Reichel and Zach Pancratz to make this a memorable senior year by taking out Hoffman Estates ( Which beat the Saxons earlier in the year) and blowing past the Zee Bee's.

Well as always you heard it hear first.  I'll have brackets for you DIRECTLY after sectional meetings.

Jarryd Lloyd brings the "D" back to help shut down all challengers in their way.

Stop playing, Jarryd Lloyd is back and ready as ever.  He and Victor Colon was out for a portion of the season that lead Niles West to a slump and put a heavy burden on Sean Odzic back.  But guess who back.  Lloyd and Colon came back just in time to lift that heavy buden off.  Expect Niles West to make a run.  Remember that kid on the right?  Stueban is trying to get back down state despite much criticism of their coach Vince Carter.  Can Carter's laid back style lead the Panthers back to the promise land.

Some say if the money was like the NBA Candace Parker could jump to the WNBA and be a very successful player.  Well I am not going to argue that fact.  She has lead Naperville into REALSPORTS number 1. ranking.  I guess she's back.  They also one state again making them one of the best Dynasties during a players career.  They haven't lost in two years with Parker in the game.  Naperville also boast PG Tiffany Hudson (Illinois St.) in it's line-up

She's Back. 22pts 9reb 5ast 3blk since her return from injury